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Wholesale Kratom Products

Fill out the form below to receive a pricelist of our wholesale products. We require no minimum order quantity, and you can get your kratom stock started for as little as $80! Kratom USA supplies wholesale products to both retail stores and home based business, so get your kratom business up and running today by stocking Kratom USA wholesale kratom products!

We at Kratom USA pride ourselves on product quality, not quantity. We strive to deliver to our customers only the best kratom on the market. What makes our kratom the best? There are several requirements our kratom must meet before we distribute it to our customers.

First, we are the only kratom retailer that requires microbial testing (for bacteria such as e coli, salmonella, etc.) on our kratom lots. This ensures that when you buy from Kratom USA, you are getting a sanitary, safe product. To our knowledge, we are the only kratom retailer that requires such testing.

Second, we require each of our kratom lots to undergo product analysis. This ensures that our kratom always has consistent amounts of the appropriate alkaloids. In simpler terms, the kratom you buy from us today, will have the same effects as the kratom you buy one month from today.