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Hermetically Sealed Shipping to America

After it gets harvested, our top of the line raw kratom is shipped to the United States for processing. We ship our product in hermetically sealed containers designed to keep out moisture and other contaminants. This keeps the raw kratom fresh and helps it retain the full potency and aroma of the original plants harvested at the peak of their season. Even more importantly, it prevents harmful bacteria from getting into our product. Unlike some brands, whose kratom may contain harmful organisms or contaminants derived either from the original supplier or while their products are shipped to America, Kratom USA has a thorough process designed to start with the best raw materials, protect it from contamination during shipping, test and detoxify it on arrival, and package it under the most high-tech, sterile conditions of any kratom producer in the United States.

Independent Laboratory Testing

When we receive the shipments of raw kratom, we send a sample of every lot to an independent laboratory for testing. The use of an independent lab makes sure that no conflict of interest biases the test results. This allows greater transparency and objectivity in the test results, which, in turn, allows our customers to buy kratom from Kratom USA with full confidence that they are purchasing a pure, safe, scientifically lab tested product.

First the lab identifies the strain and natural make up of each lot of raw kratom that we send them. This helps us ensure the provenance (source and quality) of each lot and verify the quality and characteristics of the raw kratom we will use in the production of our top quality kratom powders and capsules. The experts at the lab are highly trained to analyze and interpret the distinctive chemical signature of the various strains of kratom we combine in our products. The analysis also verifies the types and levels of alkaloids in the raw kratom, allowing us to formulate a consistent, high quality product that contains a natural balance of the most potent natural active ingredients.

Once the independent laboratory has identified the strain and make up of each lot of raw kratom, they begin a thorough run of tests to make sure there are no chemical or biological contaminants in the product. While kratom itself is a completely natural product with some excellent benefits, it can sometimes become contaminated, like any agricultural product, with harmful bacteria or pollutants. To avoid contamination, we use the very best testing and purification technology and process our product in clean facilities. If the lab finds harmful contaminants, our quality control processes completely remove the affected raw kratom from production so that we can guarantee a safe, clean final product.

Some brands fail to test for these contaminants. Buying from these brands is similar to eating at a restaurant where the ingredients aren't properly refrigerated and the cooks don't wash their hands. While their products may be cheaper, using them can pose a serious health risk.

Kratom USA, by contrast, uses the services of an independent laboratory to test for a wide range of chemical and biological contaminants, including the following:

  • Yeast: Certain strains of yeast growing in a batch of kratom can cause a risk of yeast infections if the kratom is used.
  • Mold: Kratom that has been exposed to moisture may be infected with various forms of mold. These molds can have harmful effects on the bodies of anyone who uses the infected kratom. If the laboratory analysis reveals a mold infection, we refuse to use the affected raw kratom.
  • Enterobacteriaceae: This virulent family of bacteria includes such well-known pests as E. coli, staphylococcus aureus (which can cause staph infections), salmonella species and clostridium species. Needless to say, it is extremely important to test raw kratom for these disease-causing agents in order to avoid an unsafe final product.

Quality Assurance

Based on the independent lab test results, we keep the very best and purest batches of raw kratom for use in the next stage of processing. The combination of careful sourcing, hermetically sealed shipping and thorough independent lab testing once the product has reached the United States ensures that Kratom USA's product maintains an extremely high level of purity and quality throughout our process.

All Natural Processing into Kratom USA Tablets and Powders

The next step is to send our cream of the crop raw kratom for processing. All of our kratom processing occurs in surgically clean facilities to ensure that the raw kratom that we have selected for use in our products continues to stay safe and pure, with no possible exposure to chemical or biological contaminants that could cause harm down the road.

Our clean processing facilities use advanced techniques to reduce the raw kratom to an all natural powder that contains the full potency and aroma of the original plants, but in a convenient form that is easy to transport and use. The powder is then naturally sterilized under ultraviolet light to provide an extra level of protection and purity.

We turn some of the powder into a convenient capsule form with the use of an all natural inert formula that does not interfere with the potency or aroma of the product in any way. The capsules are then hermetically sealed in sterile bottles for storage and distribution. In order to make sure that the products that go into the bottle pure stay pure until they get to our customers, we use tamper-proof caps that give our customers a clear indication if the hermetic seal has been broken before they begin use of the kratom capsules. This allows customers to make sure that they are receiving the full quality and safety of a Kratom USA product.

When you buy kratom from Kratom USA, you can use it with complete confidence, knowing it has been sourced, processed, purified and shipped using sophisticated processes designed to ensure that there is absolutely no contamination in the product you have purchased from us.

The powder that we do not turn into capsules remains in pure powder form. This naturally processed kratom powder is packaged directly into sterile vacuum sealed bags for storage and distribution to our customers. The final products, both kratom capsules and kratom powder, are stored in a climate controlled environment until the moment we send them out to our distributors or ship them directly to our customers.